Pre-design and/or Conceptual Design Schematic Design Design Development Production Design Production Support
TimeLooper was engaged by Pacific Historic Parks and the National Park Service to conceptualize, design, build, and deploy a highly immersive digital experience at the famed Pearl Harbor National Memorial. The Pearl Harbor National Memorial serves as a site not only to educate the public on the December 7, 1941 attack, but ultimately to memorialize the over 2,300 fallen military and civilian personnel and act as a beacon of peace, reconciliation, and healing. This exhibition is an outdoor space on Pearl Harbor within an active Navy installation.
Conceptual Design: Within the vein of education and reconciliation, TimeLooper led the thematic development, which culminated in the approach of creating two highly immersive experiences that examine the battle from the Japanese and American perspectives through virtual reality. Using this approach, visitors can better understand the motivations and decisions that led to war and see the attack unfold from the skies above the Harbor or from a boat within it. By viewing the battle through multiple perspectives within virtual reality, the visitor is able to gain a first-person perspective into the horrors of war. With the outdoor natural environment in mind, TimeLooper developed a virtual reality theater with the USS Arizona as a backdrop to the design, with the Memorial standing squarely in the viewshed.

Schematic Design: TimeLooper developed the conceptual sketches and floor plans for Pacific Historic Parks' unique environment. The theater needed to be designed with mobility in mind, for in the event of king tides, it could be broken down. To solve this, TimeLooper designed a modular theater that can be broken down and transported easily.

Design Development and Production Design: TimeLooper carried the project through design development and production design, finalizing the AV media treatments (for the VR films) and delivering DDI.

Production Support: TimeLooper's Creative Director and architect managed the local engineering firm and general contractor who, under TimeLooper's guidance and supervision, ultimately executed the construction of the theater. Once fabrication was complete, TimeLooper oversaw the interactive AR and VR hardware installation, loaded all content, tested all software, and trained the client team on operations.

Additionally, TimeLooper developed and designed the overall experience brand design guidelines that informed all digital and print marketing assets. These assets included a full digital marketing trailer video, digital and print marketing posters, banner ads, and other promotional materials as requested by the client.