Reviews from our partners

‘‘ When The Ride, LLC. decided to create a virtual reality experience to add to its portfolio of critically acclaimed and award-winning productions, as CEO/CCO, I commenced a search for a partner of extraordinary creative vision, technological expertise and the ability to bring the past vividly, accurately and emotionally alive through VR.  We found that partner in TimeLooper and its amazing team.  ’’


‘‘ TimeLooper has been a great pleasure to work with. Their team of extremely talented designers and developers has provided our visitors with a way to experience the National Mall that is new and innovative. What once may have been an abstract, opaque experiences are now deeply personal, understandable and memorable. We look forward to working with them on future projects. ’’

GLENN KLAUS          
Interpretive Media Specialist, National Mall & Memorial Parks

‘‘Timelooper provided a unique approach to our working partnership: investing themselves fully in the heritage of the Bridge, which is evident in the accuracy and quality of the VR provided, resulting in both a respectful and engaging immersive experience, and also investing themselves in our partnership and considering the impact on the visitor in relation to the wider visitor experience at Tower Bridge.’’

CHRIS EARLIE          
Head of Tower Bridge