We revolutionize museums and cultural institutions with immersive experiences that go beyond just facts.

Our experiences inspire visitors by evoking powerful emotions in unforgettable stories.

Our cutting-edge technologies and innovative storytelling techniques transport visitors to new worlds.

Elevating exhibitions to unforgettable experiences.

A people-centered approach guides everything we do. The TimeLooper difference encapsulates:



Crafting narratives that engage visitors emotionally and intellectually and leave a lasting impact.
Experience Design

Experience Design

Creating intuitive and accessible exhibitions that delight visitors of all ages and backgrounds.
Frontier Tech

Frontier Tech

Leveraging the power of AR, VR, projection mapping and AI to achieve futuristic immersion and interactivity.
Sensory Stimulation

Sensory Stimulation

Using sight, sound, touch, and smell to create environments that spark wonder and ignite curiosity.


Reimagining spaces to be designed around your story and desired experience.

Driving impact with interactive storytelling.

At TimeLooper, storytelling isn’t the key to the kingdom, it is the kingdom.

Your visitors retain 20% of what they read and 90% of what they experience. Move your visitors from passive consumers of information to active participants in an interactive learning journey.

Your immersive exhibit design starts with three simple questions:

What do you want your visitors to feel as they experience your exhibit?

What do you want your visitors to think as they engage with your material?

What do you want your visitors to do when they leave your exhibit?

Changing the world one exhibition at a time.

We are proud to have curated experiences at the most iconic cultural destinations across the globe.

The National Civil Rights Museum, Historic Bethel Baptist Church, Pearl Harbor, Gettysburg, Tower Bridge, Herculano, Angkor Wat, Petra, and Hiroshima, among others have embraced TimeLooper’s methodology and technology to offer visitors a deeper understanding of their cultural heritage.

TimeLooper’s immersive experiences will transform the way your visitors engage with history and culture.


Ready to elevate your museum to the next level?

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