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Learn. Reflect. Project.

With Xplore, create unforgettable and immersive virtual learning experiences.

Xplore brings the world into the classroom with interactive

Augmented and Virtual Reality-based learning.

Add new dimensions
to learning.

There’s no limit to what you can Xplore.
Guide students by
important concepts...
Xperience the world's most advanced
story-building tool

Xplore is just the beginning.

Scroll to find out how TimeLooper can help enhance your stories.

Turn your objects and artifacts
- even entire buildings and landscapes -
into explorable 3D models.
Create a more
personal experience
with holographic experts...
...guides, and
even historical figures.
One place,
many histories.
Xplore the past from the present with our Timescape 3D virtual reconstruction technology.
Enhance your experiences with interactive animations, quizzes and games.

Publish 3D content with the click of a mouse in real-time.

Museum staff, park interpreters, and even students (as institutions allow) are in the driver’s seat to produce, publish, edit, and remove content.

Our up-to-the-minute publishing platform gives you the ability to immediately reflect your institution’s perspective.

Upload any asset at your disposal, from a 3D model to a primary source scan.

Provide meaning to those assets by adding supplementary text, video, or voiceover.

Power to the people. Offer students the ability to interpret your stories… …and even tell their own. Turn your digital exhibition from one of exploration to one of student-led curation.

With Xplore Labs, the power of publishing in 3D has never been easier.

Learning is for everyone.

We designed our products and services with accessibility in mind. We’ve moved beyond section 508 to acheive WCAG AA compliance for this highly immersive visual medium. No longer must you weigh the inequity of accessiblity versus experiential quality.

There’s no limit to what you can Xplore.


Learn. Reflect. Project.

Use TimeLooper’s XPLORE platform to gain visibility through cross-partner marketing, or create a custom XPLORE-powered app with your institution’s branding.

Both XPLORE and custom offer mobile app and WebVR possibilities.


Product Software Feature Annual Price
XPLORE Custom App
XPLORE Labs AR Story Design Software XPLORE Labs User $149 / User
(1st user included)
$149 / User
(1st user included)
XPLORE AR / VR App Set-Up Cost (one time) - $2,500
Number of Projects 5 $4,875 $4,875
10 $9,500 $9,500
20 $18,500 $18,500
50 $45,000 $45,000
100 $87,500 $87,500
Quiz $250 / Project
Badging $5,000
Accessibility Suite
Analytics Report
XPLORE Browser
(Only available with XPLORE AR / VR App)
Setup Cost (one time) N/A $2,500
WebVR Software License $200 / Project $200 / Project
XPLORE for Teachers Annual License $1 / Student $1 / Student

AR/VR Development

The XPLORE platform enables you to integrate virtually any type of interpretive content, from traditional (i.e., photo, video, audio) to more advanced media types (360 image / video, virtual reality, 3D objects, holograms).

Sometimes, that which you want to visualize requires that extra touch. TimeLooper delivers more advanced immersive content. Various content production services that we provide include:

Content Type Price (Starting From)
Hologram $1,000
3D Object $1,000
Panoguide $1,000
Timescape $15,000