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Every place has a story to tell. Reveal the invisible with TimeLooper.

Tell your site’s story like never before.

With our technology,
your visitors can see the unseeable.
Bring spaces to life with our 3D modeling and interpretation technology.
Bring spaces to life with our 3D modeling and interpretation technology.
Enhance the immersive experience with an animated holographic expert.
By revealing where we’ve been,
our Panoguide can help us appreciate
where we are.
Make learning even more fun with interactive quizzes and games.

Learning is for everyone.

We designed our products and services with accessibility in mind. We’ve moved beyond section 508 to acheive WCAG AA compliance for this highly immersive visual medium. No longer must you weigh the inequity of accessiblity versus experiential quality.

XPLORE Trails Platform

Learn. Reflect. Project.

TimeLooper’s industry-leading augmented and virtual reality software optimized for on-site engagement. Your team can easily build interpretive AR stories either on 3D GIS maps or any other 3D model. Integrate holograms, 3D objects, and quizzes. Award badges for task completion.

There are millions of ways to immerse your visitors in XPLORE.


Product Software Feature Annual Price
XPLORE Labs AR Trails Design Software XPLORE Labs User $149 / User
(1st user included)
XPLORE Trails AR / VR App Set-Up Cost (one time) $2,500 (one time)
Number of Parks 3 $7,188
6 $13,500
15 $19,000
25 $30,000
100 $48,500
Quiz $250 / Park
Badging $5,000
Accessibility Suite
Analytics Report
Analytics Dashboard $10,000

AR/VR Development

The XPLORE platform enables you to integrate virtually any type of interpretive content, from traditional (i.e., photo, video, audio) to more advanced media types (360 image / video, virtual reality, 3D objects, holograms).

Sometimes, that which you want to visualize requires that extra touch. TimeLooper delivers more advanced immersive content. Various content production services that we provide include:

Content Type Price (Starting From)
Hologram $1,000
3D Object $1,000
Panoguide $1,000
Timescape $15,000

Portfolio Samples

Harriet Tubman App

Incheon App